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İZMİR / BORNOVA - Bornova Anadolu Lisesi

History of BAL




            In the early 1950s, around 50 well-known businessmen from Izmir came together with the aim of establishing a boarding school which would provide education to children – starting from the age of 12 until 17 – almost completely in English as it was believed to be a great need for Turkey in those days. After some research, they found Edmond Giraud's, a wealthy Frenchman of the time,  private property suitable for their aim. The property was 220 acres covered with magnificent pine and palm trees and various other kinds, and which was only 2 kilometres away from the Bornova town centre, Izmir.                                                    Edmond Giraud, after some talks, agreed to sell his property including the marvelous mansion with its grand swimming- pool and the dove-cote ( pigeon-house) to Özel Ege Koleji (Private Aegean High School) on 26th March 1953 in return for very little sum of money on condition that it would be used only for education. He also became one of the shareholders of this newly founded school.

          Classrooms, a dormitory, a restaurant and a conference hall were built on this beautiful green area with utmost care in order to protect the rich flora of the place. In 1953-1954 academic year, the school inaugurated under the name of  Özel Ege Koleji. In the first year, 38 boys were enrolled. In 1955, the Ministry of Education decided to establish new system high schools nation-wide. They intended to found one of these schools in Izmir and searched for a suitable place for this purpose.

          When Adnan Menderes, the Prime Minister of the time, and Celal Yardımcı, the Minister of National Education came to Bornova, Izmir to lay the foundations of Ege University, they visited Özel Ege Koleji and thought that this school was suitable for the new system high schools they were planning to establish. The Ministry of education purchased the premises and named the school as Izmir Koleji.

             Our school, together with  Eskişehir, Kadıköy/İstanbul, Konya, Samsun and Diyarbakır High Schools, is one of the first six colleges established with this new approach to the education system in Turkey, and only two weeks after the Eskişehir College, which started its education on October 8th,1955, our school commenced education on October 22nd,1955 and was the second high school in Turkey which aimed to teach children most subjects in English and help them become young people who would use their knowledge and talents in various fields after graduation.

              Under the name of Izmir Koleji, they accepted only boy boarding students in their first years, however in 1964-1965 academic year, they began to enroll both boys and girls. In the same year, the school management decided to accept day students, as well.

               In 1975, with the decision of the Ministry of Education, the name of these colleges were changed and they were called Anadolu Lisesi (Anatolian High School), and our school was then renamed as Izmir Anadolu Lisesi. In 1976-1977 academic year  our school gained its present name and has been called Bornova Anadolu Lisesi since then.

               At the beginning of the 1979-1980 academic year, the students of Almanca Anadolu Lisesi, an Anatolian High School where many subjects were taught in German, joined our school, and therefore our school began teaching most of the subjects in two foreign languages, apart from Turkish, and in the same year some of the girls studying in the German language department were accepted to the school dormitory. However, the capacity of the dormitory was not enough to host new comers every year, and the students whose parents resided in Izmir became day students, and at present Bornova Anadolu Lisesi is not a boarding school; we have only day pupils.   

               Until 1977, we had American teachers working in our school, and since 1987 German teachers have been working in Bornova Anadolu Lisesi. At the moment, Bornova Anadolu Lisesi is the only Anatolian High School  which  bears the greatest number of students in our country. In 1997-1998 academic year the Ministry of Education opened the French department, and therefore our school became the first and even the only Anatolian High School which has three foreign language departments. Bornova Anadolu Lisesi has always had a rightful reputation with its success both in the academic and the personal development of our students.

                Since 1955, our school has been renowned and appreciated for its success and has been proud of being considered as one of the most respected, prominent and towering institutes of Turkey. Numerous distinguished ministers, politicians, artists, actors and actresses, scientists, doctors, writers, journalists and businessmen who graduated from BAL work for the well-being of our country and humanity. BAL students have always been faithful to their school even after their graduation.

            The students of Bornova Anadolu Lisesi are the most select and talented young individuals assembled anywhere. They have the necessary determination, courage and strong personality to achieve their goals. They possess great potential to combine their intelligence and intellect to make their most ambitious dreams come true and are sensitive to their environment and world matters, as well.

                 BAL directors and teachers make great effort to provide opportunities for the students to improve their abilities to express themselves freely, to build up talent to think of solutions to problems rapidly, and guide them enhance their capability to consider any matter in many aspects, with which the students gain strong self-confidence. The educational experience in BAL is unmatched in academic rigor, enthusiasm in teaching and the range of cultural, intellectual, and enrichment activities.

                  Visionary BAL teachers and directors work with the feeling of responsibility, and believe that it is great honour to mentor the future generations with dedication as the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk expected from teachers. And our gratitude for the present and previous faculty and incorporated bodies of BAL is profound...



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