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Bornova Anadolu Lisesi is a public high school which is situated in Bornova, a district of Izmir by the sea of Aegean. Our school is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of the area with its deep- rooted history and tradition. It was established in 1955. Bornova Anadolu Lisesi is situated on 220 acres of pine trees area and it is 2 km far from the city centre. We have 1529 students aged between 14-18 . Throughout their education our students develop diverse interests both in science and art and graduate with a knowledge of multiple foreign languages like English, French and German.

There are 133 staff working at school teaching and administrative departments. In the school there are 49 classrooms and a lot of facilities for the students to meet their academic and social needs. There is a Physics-Chemistry-Biology Lab, a computer lab , an art street and a room, a music class, a sports hall, a football pitch, a conference hall, a refectory and a library.We have a dormitory with the capacity of 200 male and female students. We achieved to be Project School with the success in academic and social facilities.


We have student centered, creative, interactive and innovative training system in our school. We have 50 projects for The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK). We have been involved in social, cultural and sportive events during the academic year such as theatre, poem and essay competitions, debates, MUN conferences , exhibitions, sports events. Our students have achieved appreciable success in the so-called activities in the educational region. In our school we have students coming from different ethnic groups, so we specially pay attention to multicultural integration of the students by social and cultural activities. We held a number of student workshops and an MUN Conference on the latest political and cultural world issues this year. We make use of these activities for our students in order to make our school attractive and a good educational institution. Moreover, we aim to acquire and develop life skills such as collaboration, sharing of knowledge and empathy required for personal development for future employment and to become an active European citizen for our students. As the staff have been involved in many projects, the project team consists of the staff who are experienced about the local and international projects, implementing the project activities and disseminating the project to wider community. They attended the project cycle management training. They have a good organizational skills and a good command of communication and ICT skills.

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